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  4. 6(87)'2010
  5. Informative model of automated control the system by troops

Informative model of automated control the system by troops

Yu.N. Agafonov, S.N. Zviglyanich, N.P. Izyumskiy
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Modern automated control the system military-oriented can be attributed to the systems of administratively-organizational management. Backbone element of such systems is the automated informative system. The basic task of the automated informative system consists in providing of commander (staff) necessary information for acceptance of timely and grounded decisions on the conduct of battle actions. Questions, related to determination of information generators, their structuring, are examined in the article, ways of forming of single informative space of the automated informative system.
Keywords: management organ, information generator, informative space
Agafonov, Iu.N., Zviglianich, S.N. and Iziumskii, N.P. (2010), "Informatsionnaia model avtomatizirovannoi sistemy upravleniia voiskami" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 6(87), pp. 187-190.