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  5. Using a hierarchy of templates in process mining

Using a hierarchy of templates in process mining

S.F. Chaliy, E.O. Bogatov, Alsheyh Ali Djamil
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Description: In this article the problem of recognition of business processes based on the technology process mining. An algorithm for pattern recognition using templates and snippets of the event log process. Algorithm assumes a hierarchy of elements of the business process through the use discussed in the article, the basic patterns of process fragments, as well as cycles.

Keywords: business processes, process approach to management, identifying business processes, event logs

 Chalыi, S.F., Bohatov, E.O. and Alsheikh Aly Dzhamyl, (2010), “Yspolzovanye yerarkhyy shablonov v process mining”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 6(87), pp. 257-259.