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  4. 7(88)'2010
  5. Quality assessment of software for logistics information systems

Quality assessment of software for logistics information systems

O.V. Dorokhov, V.V. Garkin, M. Drašković
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Description: Effective functioning of information systems is largely determined by the quality of it’s component parts: the technical, mathematical, software, information, legal and others. One of the most important components is a software qualityt which determines the common quality of the information system. It is now widely used by a fairly effective methods, models and tools of quality assessment of information systems, which include indicators of quality of software products, such as: functionality, reliability, practicality, efficiency, mobility, interactivity, and others. One of the important methods for determining the quality of software is testing, which is an obligatory stage in the development of information systems. Review and analyz of the most known methodological approaches for assessing the quality of software products for information systems are given in this paper.

Keywords: information system, software product evaluation models of software quality

Dorokhov, A.V., Garkin, V.V. and Drashkovich, M. (2010), “Otsenka kachestva programmnogo obespecheniia dlia logisticheskikh informatsionnykh sistem”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 7(88), pp. 12-16.