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  4. 7(88)'2010
  5. Hybrid systems on the base optical-fibre and coaxial cable

Hybrid systems on the base optical-fibre and coaxial cable

V.B. Dudykevich, I.R. Opirskiy
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In the article the analysis of existent methods of transmission of CTV is resulted to the users, descriptions of this method, basic advantages and failings, are investigational. Investigational and developed method of passing to information on the hybrid ductings of connection, utillizing an optical fibre and coaxial cable. Produce reasons of all of basic advantages and lacks of this method, and also the methods of passing to information are analysed on ductings of AM, CHM. Developed and in an example the budget of power line is expected for AM. The bidirectional chart of CTV is analysed, with the analysis of possible recommendations in relation to the improvement of information transfer in it.
Keywords: OFLC, optical fibre, coaxial cable, cable television, peak modulation, bidirectional chart of CTV, optical receiver
Dudykevych, V.B. and Opirskyi, I.R. (2010), "Hibrydni systemy na bazi volokonno-optychnoho ta koaksialnoho kabeliu" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 7(88), pp. 87-95.