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  4. 7(88)'2010
  5. Prediction of the city water system

Prediction of the city water system

V.M. Zadachin
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The article describes the system of forecasting water demand of the city, as long-term (annual, monthly) and short-term (daily, hour). The system calculates the forecast with high accuracy. Using such a software system for water supplying companies large cities may allow optimal planning of the work of water supply as a long-term and short-term. For example, optimal in the sense of minimizing the consumption of electricity for pumping water pumping stations.
Keywords: forecasting, mathematical model, water supply, water consumption
Zadachin, V.M. (2010), “Sistema prognozirovaniia vodopotrebleniia goroda”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 7(88), pp. 95-98.