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  5. The way of information support traditional and remote lessons

The way of information support traditional and remote lessons

V.G. Golovan, A.M. Drozdov, V.V. Mamich
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Description: In the article effective enough and simple technology of the information support traditional and remote lessons by nonstandard use of possibilities of office programs Power Point and Word from Mikrosoft Corp. is discussed. Advantage of offered technology consists that it allows any teacher and on any personal computer to realise own vision of a teaching material quickly and easily to animate it with maintenance of principles of presentation and interactivity. Possibility of creation of computer slides-films on the basis of the electronic educational drawing which already exists as a result before the carried out printing educational editions. It conducts to essential economy of means and working hours that is important too.

Keywords: the computer slide film, cause-investigation communication of events, computer animation, information technology of educational process support

 Holovan, V.H., Drozdov, O.M. and Mamich, V.V. (2010), “Sposib informatsiinoi pidtrymky audytornykh ta dystantsiinykh zaniat”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 7(88), pp. 112-116.