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  4. 7(88)'2010
  5. Trend analysis for developers of web-resources

Trend analysis for developers of web-resources

V.V. Bratkevich, V.V. Klymniuk
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Essence of trend analysis opens up in the article, its utility is pointed out for the developers of web-resources, recommended stand and comfortable tool for the lead through of trend analysis on the basis of the known searching systems statistics collection analytical tool, in particular service of Google Trends. The examples of its practical use are resulted. The correct account of results of trend analysis can multiply visited of internet resource due to approaching to the real necessities of middle user or separate group of users of information, commodities or services.
Keywords: trend, trend analysis, tendency, prognosis, Google Trends
Bratkevich, V.V. and Klimniuk, V.V. (2010), "Trendovyi analiz dlia razrabotchikov web-resursov" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 7(88), pp. 149-152.