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  4. 9(90)'2010
  5. Web-oriented adaptive testing system of knowledges

Web-oriented adaptive testing system of knowledges

I.V. Kobzev, K.E. Petrov, V.V. Tulupov
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Description: Article is concerned to the problem of effective current and final control of student’s knowledge based on applying of modern intellectual computer technologies based on Web technologies. The existent automated checking of knowledges systems are examined. Offered approach to development adaptive system of testing.

Keywords: Web-oriented system, control of knowledges, adaptive testing, algorithm

 Kobzev, I.V., Petrov, K.E. and Tulupov, V.V. (2010), “Web-oriientovana adaptyvna systema testuvannia znan”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 9(90), pp. 149-152.