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  5. Probabilistic models of logistic systems

Probabilistic models of logistic systems

A.V. Popov, D.E. Lysenko
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The problems of analysis logistics systems of analysis through the use of models in queuing theory, which allow one to adequately display of streaming processes in real transport and storage systems. Main attention is paid to the problem distributed logistics systems links of the formalization in stationary and transient regimes. For the transition regime, an analytical solution of the probabilities states of the system for a specific example with the finite buffer and finite number of sources of requests is received .
Keywords: logistic system, model of mass service, stream processes, stationarity, distributing laws, priorities, models of links, logistic systems
Popov, A.V. and Lysenko, D.E. (2010), "Veroiatnostnye modeli logisticheskikh sistem" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 9(90), pp. 157-161.