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  5. Processing parameters of hemodynamic during pregnancy

Processing parameters of hemodynamic during pregnancy

O.M. Datsok, S.A. Krasnikova
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We studied the central hemodynamic parameters in pregnancies complicated by cardiovascular diseases. Distribution of cardiovascular disease in pregnant women causes the creation of modern instrumentation diagnostics and monitoring, aimed at improving methods of recording and processing of biomedical indicators, as well as the development of methods and techniques for processing of diagnostic indicators. An approach to estimating the pressure of the pulmonary circulation by detecting the main hemodynamic indices, which enhances the possibility of rapid diagnosis of cardiovascular system during pregnancy.
Keywords: pregnancy, cardiovascular system, hemodynamic parameters, processing
Datsiuk, O.M. and Krasnіkova, S.A. (2010), "Obrabotka gemodinamicheskikh parametrov beremennykh" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 9(90), pp. 205-209.