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  4. 9(90)'2010
  5. Optimization tasks based on genetic search

Optimization tasks based on genetic search

V.A. Popov, А.V. Berdochnik
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The characteristic of main principles of genetic algorithm functioning, its comparison with traditional methods of optimization, its merits and demerits are resulted. Various updatings of genetic algorithm depending on a scope are considered. Comparison of genetic algorithms and evolutionary strategy within the limits of evolutionary modeling is resulted. Evolutionary programming tasks, typical areas and problems of application of genetic search models and methods are considered.
Keywords: genetic algorithm, genetic search, combinatorial optimization, crossbreeding, mutation, chromosomes
Popov, V.A. and Berdochnyk, A.V. (2010), "Optymyzatsyonnыe zadachy na osnove henetycheskoho poyska" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 9(90), pp. 217-220.