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  5. Uncertainty of measurement of the temperature fields estimation

Uncertainty of measurement of the temperature fields estimation

V.P. Lyashenko, T.A. Grigorova
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Researches of mathematical models of temperature fields with the internal sources of heat are conducted . The numeral solution of problems are found at finite-dimensional space with the use of Krank–Nicolson algorithm. Numeral calculations are executed and the temperature distributing is built. Measurements of temperatures are conducted during the thermocyclic treatment process of construction elements and built temperature distribution. The calculation of uncertainty of measurement of temperatures is executed by a pyrometer. Consideration the uncertainty of measurement the comparative analysis of calculation values of temperatures, got by model approach and apparatus measurements is conducted.
Keywords: mathematical model, numeral experiment, temperature fields, uncertainty of measurement
Liashenko, V.P. and Grigorova, T.A. (2011), “Otsenivanie neopredelennosti izmerenii temperaturnykh polei”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 1(91), pp. 67-70.