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  4. 2(92)'2011
  5. Algebraic model of neuron oscillation spectrum

Algebraic model of neuron oscillation spectrum

S.V. Smelyakov
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It is shown that the discrete spectrum of neuron oscillation periods coincides with the terms of the Golden section power series, whereas their interactions are described by algebraic properties of these series. This gives rise to resonances at the frequencies presenting integer powers of the Golden section. Making use of the established numerical and algebraic correlation between the auric time scale and the system of discrete frequencies of the basic brain rhythms and mechanisms of their interactions clears the way for more adequate solving of theoretical and practical problems in neurodynamics and neurocybernetics.
Keywords: Gold section, auric scale of time, oscillations of neurons, frequency, period
Smeliakov, S.V. (2011), "Alhebraycheskaia model spektra neironnыkh ostsylliatsyi" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(92), pp. 2-12.