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  4. 2(92)'2011
  5. Universal data model and its mathematical bases

Universal data model and its mathematical bases

V.I. Yesin
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The problem of creation database model is described. Existing approaches for creation database model are described. The shortcomings of existing approaches are described. An approach to solving problems by using a universal (standard) data model is given. Universal data model is based on the semantic data model "object-event", the theory of sets and logical calculus. The mathematical expressions are given. The mathematical expressions are served as the theoretical basis of creation of universal data model that is tool for modeling any subject domain, which easily will be realized within the relational model.
Keywords: data model, universal data model, set, relation, n-ary relation, object, event, objects class, events class
Esyn, V.Y. (2011), "Unyversalnaia model dannыkh y ee matematycheskye osnovы" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(92), pp. 21-24.