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  5. Types influence when governing technical and social system

Types influence when governing technical and social system

Yu.A. Oleynik, Ya.M. Kozhushko, A.S. Balabukha
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Description: Considered types influence, which necessary to take into account at organizations or analysis of system management, intended for achievement given to purposes. Shown structured scheme of management can be used both for technical, and for social systems. The Presented schemes of the change and blocking influence, purpose which interception or reduction to efficiency of amazement. Terminological and schematic device, with account ensemble parameter of the conditions and influence, can be used in natural and humanitarian science at schemes of management different system.

Keywords: the subject of management, object management, controlling influence, feedback, outraging influence

 Oleinyk, Yu.A., Kozhushko, Ya.M. and Balabukha, A.S. (2011), “Vydы vozdeistvyi pry upravlenyy tekhnycheskymy y sotsyalnыmy systemamy”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(92), pp. 109-111.