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  5. Assessment of the coordination mechanism of planning

Assessment of the coordination mechanism of planning

R.V. Khrashchevskiy
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The article assessed the mechanism of coordination of multi-level systems under the influence of external and internal environment and its derived values of the coordination at each level of management. The obtained values of the control effects are sufficient to coordinate the planning system as a whole, even in the presence of large perturbations of the external (internal) environment. In this case, the coordination of different levels of the planning system is about the main challenges facing the system as a whole.
Keywords: classification, coordination, airspace, problem situations, planning
Khrashchevskyi, R.V. (2011), "Otsinka mekhanizmu koordynatsii systemy planuvannia" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(92), pp. 211-214.