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  5. Improvement podsputnykovыh characteristics of IR bands

Improvement podsputnykovыh characteristics of IR bands

LR Bekir, TA Hasanov
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Explore ways to improve the performance and increase the reliability of the sub-satellite infra-red (IR) systems used in the study of surface facilities, assessment of natural resources and control of state of the environment, identification and evaluation of accidents and explosions manufacturing industries, etc. It describes the hardware and software systems and infrared measurement methods to ensure performance improvement measurements and the accuracy of the results.
Keywords: remote sensing, infrared systems, speed modulation, the liquid crystal deflector, the accuracy of the information
Bekyrova, L.R. and Hasanov, T.A. (2011), "Uluchshenye kharakterystyk podsputnykovыkh system YK dyapazona" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 3(93), pp. 2-6.