Module of support for conferences

I.A. Zolotaryova, M.S. Khimiy
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Quality of scientific conferences to a large extent determined by the subsidiary hardware and software that use their organizers. The possibility of using information technology for conferences. A scientific novelty consists of that the system of support of lead through of conferences will allow to automatize work of administrator of site and will enable repeatedly to utillize it. The developed web-resource is intended directly for an tenant conference, and also all of persons interested.
Keywords: scientific conference, system of support of leadthrough of conferences, site administration, informative systems for lead through of conferences
Zolotarova, I.A. and Khymii, M.S. (2011), "Modul pidtrymky dlia provedennia konferentsii" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 3(93), pp. 35-39.