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  5. Information transmission means in terminal systems

Information transmission means in terminal systems

A.D. Kaliuzhnyi, G.V. Tabunshchik, V.F. Onyshchenko
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In article the on-structure enterprise terminal network are analysed. The advantages and disadvantages of such network are defined. Authors analysed the terminal system communication protocols. The protocol based product comparison is made by the authors. The video image transmission means implementation using RDP is considered. The usage of x264 codec for purposes of video image compression is grounded by the authors.
Keywords: terminal system, remote access protocol, compression, video image transmission
Kaliuzhnyi, A.D., Tabunshchik, G.V. and Onishchenko, V.F. (2011), "Sredstva peredachi informatsii v terminalnykh sistemakh" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 3(93), pp. 39-47.