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  5. Consolidated data quality problems in dataspace

Consolidated data quality problems in dataspace

N.B. Shahovskaya, A.Yu. Pshenichniy, I.M. Chyorney
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Description: The paper formalizes quality characteristics of consolidated data in dataspaces. There is described the notion of usefulness of data from data sources. There is described an architecture for a system of quality evaluation of different types of data. There is entered metalanguage for the formation of user requests for different types of sources. A data structure for describing the information products and metadata schemas is entered. There is research data quality in dataspace tourism and experimentally determined values of the characteristics of data quality

Keywords: dataspace, consolidation, data quality

 Shakhovska, N.B., Pshenychnyi, O.Yu. and Chornei, I.M. (2011), “Problemy yakosti konsolidovanykh danykh u prostorakh danykh”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 3(93), pp. 80-84.