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  4. 3(93)'2011
  5. Investigation of side electromagnetic radiation from flash media

Investigation of side electromagnetic radiation from flash media

V.B. Dudykevich, I.S. Sobchuk, L.M. Rakobovchuk, V.S. Zachepilo
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In this work review of problems of electromagnetic radiation from facilities of electronic computing engineering is realized. There was done analysis of information which is processed by facilities electronic computing engineering. Considerable attention is spared to the analysis and description of the technical ductings of information source, choice of present priv facilities. In this work principle of work and measuring method of side electromagnetic radiation by the automated complex AKOR2PK are described. In finishing part there are researched and done comparative description of electromagnetic measuring of radiation from flash memory by AKOR-2PK.
Keywords: adverse electromagnetic radiation and directs, PEMVN
Dudykevych, V.B., Sobchuk, I.S., Rakobovchuk, L.M. and Zachepylo, V.S. (2011), "Doslidzhennia pobichnoho elektromahnitnoho vyprominennia vid flesh nosiiv" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 3(93), pp. 112-116.