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  5. Review of medical information systems

Review of medical information systems

S.M. Zlepko, T.I. Ovcharuk, A.A. Ovcharuk
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Description: Some medical information systems assignment which is to optimize the management of the clinic are presented in the article. The advantages, disadvantages and features medical information systems that must be considered when choosing them are identified. The basic characteristics of medical information system are found out, the comparative analysis of systems is examined according them and the results of the analysis are tabulated. Two best medical information systems are identified. The characteristics of the "ideal" medical information system are found out.

Keywords: Medical information system, MIS, overview, characteristics, comparison

 Zlepko, S.M., Ovcharuk, T.I. and Ovcharuk, A.A. (2011), “Ohliad medychnykh informatsiinykh system”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 3(93), pp. 189-192.