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Information technology of website's analytical resources

N.R. Pasichnyk
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The paper considers the problem of filling educational website with analytical materials as the basis of its information provision. The support process of such filling faces a deletion of knowledge problem and complications in its structurisation with simultaneous processing of several projects. The system of indicators that contain descriptive and semantic components and are organized in a specially designed database is offered to resolve such problem. The principle of multiple storage indicators is used in the general scheme of ontologia concepts, and in special projects for which the analytical resources are tailored. Ontologia scheme is constructed on the basis of adjusted system of cognitive semantic classes. The search the database is organized considering the synonymy in terms of subject areas.
Keywords: information technology, ontology, cognitive semantic classes, tree structure
Pasichnyk, N.R. (2011), "Informatsiina tekhnolohiia formuvannia analitychnykh resursiv saitu" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 3(93), pp. 224-227.