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  4. 4(94)'2011
  5. There is a management a fluidizer pasteurization of milk

There is a management a fluidizer pasteurization of milk

A.M. Klimenko, A.I. Vakhnovskiy, N.Yu. Lyubchenko
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Description: In the article offered for providing of high reliability of functioning of setting of pasteurization as production system and decline of influence of «human factor» in basis of hardwarily-programmatic realization of control the system by the technological processes of pasteurization to put conception of network two-tier organization. A mathematical model over of heat-exchange vehicle of pasteurizer and results of imitation design of process of management a fluidizer pasteurization of milk is brought. Were drawn on design results at development of algorithm of management the modes of temperature and pressure in a pasteurizer..

Keywords: control the system, control, notification, temperature, pressure

 Klimenko, A.M., Vakhnovskyi, A.I. and Liubchenko, N.Yu. (2011), “Upravlinnia ustanovkoiu dlia pasteryzatsii moloka”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 4(94), pp. 266-269.