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  4. 6(96)'2011
  5. Quality problems in higher education system

Quality problems in higher education system

A.V. Zadorozhny, O.V. Grabovsky, I.V. Osadchuk
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Description: Work which is devoted the ground of creation of methodology for development and introduction of control the system by quality higher educational establishments is offered, built on principles of general quality (TQM) management on the base of international standards of ISO of series 9000 taking into account the specific of quality management in higher educational establishments.

Keywords: quality control system , higher educational institutions, international standards

 Zadorozhnyi, A.V., Hrabovskyi, O.V. and Osadchuk, I.V. (2011), “Problemy yakosti v systemi vyshchoi osvity”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 6(96), pp. 51-53.