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  4. 6(96)'2011
  5. Quality factors of crossed–field electron systems

Quality factors of crossed–field electron systems

Chen Xin, I.V. Ruzhentsev, O.M. Nikitenko
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Description: The factors influencing the modes of crossed fields electron devices’ oscillations in this article were identified. These de-vices are widely used in industry, communications, medicine and everyday life. Such devices usually consist of the following main units: power supply, anode system, the cathode system, magnetic system. Manufacturing technology influences to magnetron’s work also. To determine the quality factors of crossed fields devices it were considered each block and the process. As a result, it 29 quality factors for such devices were identified . All mentioned above factors can be considered as separate indicators of the magnetron quality. In the future we will consider the impact of these indicators to output magnetron spectrum.

Keywords: electron device, magnetron, crossed–field system, quality factor

 Sin Chen, Ruzhentsev, I.V. and Nikitenko, O.M. (2011), “Pokaznyky yakosti elektrovakuumnykh system zi skhreshchenymy poliamy”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 6(96), pp. 72-76.