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  4. 6(96)'2011
  5. Metrological control: calibration of measuring instruments

Metrological control: calibration of measuring instruments

O.E. Maletska
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Description: In the article different determinations of concept «calibration», which are applied on international and national levels are analysed, recommendations on the use in Ukraine of the different going near organization and lead through of calibration of facilities of measuring instruments (МІ), as one of types of metrology control are resulted.

Keywords: calibration, calibration laboratories, metrological control, metrological descriptions, national institute of metrology , uncertainty in measurement, measuring instrument

 Maletskaia, O.E. (2011), “Metrolohycheskyi kontrol: kalybrovka sredstv yzmerytelnoi tekhnyky”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 6(96), pp. 96-98.