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  4. 6(96)'2011
  5. Approach to calculating uncertainty of clinical trial

Approach to calculating uncertainty of clinical trial

V.E. Dobrova, E.S. Kolesnik
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Description: In this paper the analysis of features for estimating uncertainty of clinical trial results. The causes and sources of their origin, and the classification of types of uncertainty-definiteness. An approach to estimating uncertainties in the availability of many a quantitative and qualitative parameters. Provide an opportunity to implement management procedures of uncertainty for the planned clinical trials in laboratory and clinical measurements. Uncertainty calculation takes into account features of ordinal values uncertainty/.

Keywords: measurement uncertainty, clinical trials, quantitative evaluation is qualitatively the properties, the order of magnitude, the measurement scale

Dobrova, V.E. and Kolesnik, E.S. (2011), “Podkhody k raschetam neopredelennosti rezultatov klinicheskikh ispytanii”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 6(96), pp. 140-142.