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  5. About improving verification of shaped glass measures accuracy

About improving verification of shaped glass measures accuracy

T.Yu. Kotliar, S.N. Sakalo
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Description: The paper reviewed the existing methods of verification glass shaped measures of length, as well question about improve the accuracy of their verification. The aim of this work is the development of interference device functional scheme for verification glass shaped measures. The proposed interference device functional scheme allows us to automate process of recording and processing measurement results and reduce the error of opto - mechanical system of comparator. The implementation of this scheme will significantly improve the accuracy of measurements glass shaped measures of length.

Keywords: shaped measures of length, interferometer, wave length, photoelectrical microscope, error of measurements, verification methods

Kotliar, T.Yu. and Sakalo, S.M. (2011), “Pro pidvyshchennia tochnosti povirky sklianykh shtrykhovykh mir dovzhyny”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 6(96), pp. 172-174.