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  5. Ultraviolet radiation in medicine. problems of use

Ultraviolet radiation in medicine. problems of use

L.V. Demidenko, O.K. Yeremyeyeva
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Description: The use of ultraviolet (UV) radiation occupies a special place in medicine. Given the importance of the problem of correct measurement of UV radiation, the specialists of the state enterprise "Сrimeastandartmetrology" and NSC "Institute of metrology" have worked together to develop a methodology of qualitative and quantitative measurement for the transport of medical purpose. In this paper were calculated special amendments to accounting spectral errors, which are decisive for the quality of these measurements. Using the developed methodology and amendments for measurements in the field of non-ionizing UV-radiation make it possible to substantially shorten the process of measurement, and also considerably simplify it. So, if earlier, such measurements were at the level of scientific work, now they can do the operator with the appropriate level of training. Thus, improvements, which were obtained in the course of the work, contribute to the wider dissemination of measurements in the field of ultraviolet radiation and, consequently, treatment, and tan, and decontamination will be more safe and high quality.

Keywords: ultraviolet radiation, measurement

Demidenko, L.V. and Eremeeva, O.K. (2011), “Ultrafioletovoe izluchenie v meditsine. Problemy ispolzovaniia”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 6(96), pp. 208-215.