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  4. 7(97)'2011
  5. Internet-telephony as a modern tool in business communications

Internet-telephony as a modern tool in business communications

I.A. Zolotaryova, A.I. Kostuykov
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The article shown the importance of Internet-telephony of creating communication networks used in business today. It presents the advantages and disadvantages of Internet- telephony in comparison with conventional telephone-service. It defines the basic concepts of Internet-telephony. It makes analysis of the quality of communication parameters according to the disappearance of packages during their broadcast and time delay. The article defines software and hardware implementation of communication networks. It makes some conclusions about the effectiveness and usability of Internet-telephony.
Keywords: Internet-telephony, communication networks, protocol, link, hardware, system, voice signals, Asterisk
Zolotarova, I.O. and Kostiukov, A.I. (2011), "Internet-telefoniia yak suchasnyi zasib komunikatsii v biznesi" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 7(97), pp. 16-18.