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  4. 7(97)'2011
  5. Modelling elements of educational process of higher school

Modelling elements of educational process of higher school

O.V. Shcherbakov, I.S. Zakharova
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This article discusses the educational process of higher education institution and its main elements. We prove the feasibility of using the mathematical apparatus of Е-networks for simulation of the main elements of the educational process. Proposed model of the organization and conduct of student's independent work. The conclusions about the possibility of using simulation to improve the quality of the educational process are made.
Keywords: educational process, higher school, professional training, conceptual approach, the model educational process, simulation, independent work, E-network
Shcherbakov, O.V. and Zakharova, Ye.S. (2011), "Modeliuvannia elementiv navchalnoho protsesu vyshchoho navchalnoho zakladu" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 7(97), pp. 80-83.