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  4. 8(98)'2011
  5. Quaternion-wavеlet indemnification of motion

Quaternion-wavеlet indemnification of motion

V.V. Moroz, E.S. Chubach
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Description: The quaternion-wavеlet model of shot is offered for an estimation and indemnification of motion. due to the calculation of phase changes of quaternion-wavеlet transformation linear changes settle accounts between nearby personnels. Low calculable complication of this method and visual quality of results enables his practical application for temporal interpolation of video.

Keywords: indemnification of motion, sectional decouplig, quaternion-wavеlet transformation is segmentation

 Moroz, V.V. and Chubach, O.S. (2011), “Kvaternionno-veivletna kompensatsiia rukhu”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 8(98), pp. 96-98.