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  4. 8(98)'2011
  5. Identification and prediction of traffic in telecommunication systems

Identification and prediction of traffic in telecommunication systems

V.I. Korniyenko, L.V. Budkova
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Description: The efficiency estimation of method of difficult processes authentication and prognostication is conducted in telecommunication networks on the basis of the dial offices experimental signals with the switching systems: DNEPR, EWSD and F-1500. Processes designing of signals identification and prediction the program Fractan and programs, functionings in the software environment of MATLAB, were used. For prognostication of signals were utillized linear, neuro-fuzzi, neuro-wavelet and neuronet adaptive filters-approximations. The relative error was utillized as an efficiency index of prediction.

Keywords: identification, prediction, switching system, cross-correlation entropy, index of Khersta, dimension of phase space, depth of prediction

 Korniienko, V.I. and Budkova, L.V. (2011), “Identyfikatsiia ta prohnozuvannia trafiku v telekomunikatsiinykh systemakh”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 8(98), pp. 208-211.