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  3. Information Processing Systems
  4. 8(98)'2011
  5. Comparative analysis of modern control systems for MPLS networks

Comparative analysis of modern control systems for MPLS networks

K.M. Rukkas, K.A. Ovchinnikov, N.A. Koroljuk
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Description: The basic requirements for network management MPLS are set. An overview of modern software products from different manufacturers that implement MPLS network management functions is given. The features of the architecture, methods, and protocols for collecting and processing the statistical information, system requirements and supported platforms are marked. A comparative analysis of existing control systems based on the requirements of international standards ITU and IETF has been done. The absence of mechanisms of dynamic network management and a significant discrepancy referring to the requirements to networks MPLS were detected.

Keywords: network management system, Multi-Protocol Label Switching, a simple network management protocol

 Rukkas, K.M., Ovchynnykov, K.A. and Koroliuk, N.A. (2011), “Sravnytelnыi analyz sovremennыkh system upravlenyia setiamy MPLS”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 8(98), pp. 233-237.