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  5. Methods of calibration: development and problems

Methods of calibration: development and problems

R.M. Trysch, M.V. Moskalenko, О.E. Maletskaya
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Description: The paper addresses issues related to development of methods calibration of measuring instruments, which provide for assessment of measurement uncertainty. The urgency of the issue connected with the necessity of implementation of international documents. Analyzed international and national requirements for the development of calibration techniques.

Keywords: calibration of measuring instruments, methods of calibration, measurement uncertainty, estimation of measurement uncertainty during calibration, calibration certificate

 Tryshch, R.M., Moskalenko, M.V. and Maletskaia, O.E. (2012), “Metodyky kalybrovky: razrabotka y problemы”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 1(99), pp. 45-48.