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  5. Model for measuring of nonlinear dynamic systems’ parameters

Model for measuring of nonlinear dynamic systems’ parameters

Yu.P. Machekhin, Yu.S. Kurskoy
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Description: The model for measurement of parameters of nonlinear dynamical systems is developed. The model is based on the main provisions of the dynamical chaos theory and fractal analysis. The key elements of the model are: the scheme of measurement experiment, the method of assessing the necessary and sufficient information, the classification process method and the choice of the mathematical apparatus for processing the measurement results, the method of assessment results. Its application allows to research any systems and random processes with common position, to choose the mathematical apparatus of the measurement results processing, depending on the characteristics of dynamic systems.

Keywords: measurement model, the nonlinear dynamical system, dynamic chaos, strange attractor, fractal dimension, the uncertainty of measurement

 Machekhyn, Yu.P. and Kurskoi, Yu.S. (2012), “Model yzmerenyia parametrov nelyneinыkh dynamycheskykh system”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 1(99), pp. 169-175.