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  5. Multi-level system of resource allocation

Multi-level system of resource allocation

N.Y. Karpenko, V.B. Ufimtseva, O.N. Shtelma
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Description: The article considers a model for the hierarchical system of dynamic space-allocation of resources. Proposed a formalization of the hierarchical family of models that describe the processes of resource consumption in multi-level control systems. This approach allows us to consider the management of the system with one voice, clearly reflect the relationship of solutions generated at different levels of hierarchy. It is also considered a way of describing the specific features of systems and resources, processes and time, the rules of consolidation (aggregation). The proposed schemes are tailored to the aggregation structure of subsets of systems of processes (P), resources (R) and time (T).

Keywords: allocation of resources multi-level system controls, optimization of space-dynamic tasks

 Karpenko, N.Yu., Ufymtseva, V.B. and Shtelma, O.N. (2012), “Mnohourovnevыe systemы raspredelenyia resursov”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(100), pp. 50-53.