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  4. 2(100)'2012
  5. Some peculiarities of data visualization in diagnostic systems

Some peculiarities of data visualization in diagnostic systems

A.V. Mikhnova, O.D. Mikhnova
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Description: In this article the analysis of current approaches to the organization of specialized systems has been made. These systems are designed for measurement of technological parameters in order to provide diagnostics and control of different technological objects. We have also defined a class of systems which make diagnostics of particular elements contained in a technological object. It has been assumed that standard modules are used among the class representatives, if the modules are compatible. The standard modules are designed for data collection, conversion of data formats, visualization, documentation, etc. We have proposed a series of procedures for data processing and conversion with the initial data contained in dat-files as an example.

Keywords: system of diagnostics, SCADA-system, specialized subsystem for visual analysis, dat-file, format conversion, measured data processing

 Mykhnova, A.V. and Mykhnova, E.D. (2012), “Osobennosty vyzualyzatsyy dannыkh v systemakh dyahnostyky”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(100), pp. 67-70.