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  4. 2(100)'2012
  5. Image denoising using large codebooks of image regions

Image denoising using large codebooks of image regions

N.N. Ponomarenko
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Description: Task of noise suppression taking into account similarity of noisy image to other images is considered. Got expression for the calculation of gravimetric coefficients of the found similar areas, and also for the calculation of output of filter on the basis of all of the got estimations. It is suggested for the acceleration of search of similarity to utillize a clusterization on the border element of great number. On test images the increase of efficiency of filtration of images is shown at the use offered approach.

Keywords: suppression of noise, clusterization, digital processing of images

 Ponomarenko, N.N. (2012), “Podavlenye shuma na yzobrazhenyiakh s yspolzovanyem bolshykh kodovыkh knyh uchastkov yzobrazhenyi”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(100), pp. 86-91.