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  5. Organization models of software development teams

Organization models of software development teams

O.G. Kirilenko, G.A. Frolova
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Description: Review of existing models of the collective software development organization has revealed a variety of models of group organization, structure and interactions that define, in general, technology of the software development process. These features of collective organization of software development can be the basis for developing the content of the modules of discipline, "Group dynamics and communication," because knowledge of the functional roles of groups and individual members of the group will develop among future engineers a systemic understanding of the developed product, to understand the division of functions between the staff, to understand the job hierarchy, subordination, to understand the nature of the group.

Keywords: software Engineering, software development group, the traditional model teams organization, agile development

 Kyrylenko, E.H. and Frolova, H.A. (2012), “Modely orhanyzatsyy kollektyvov razrabotchykov v oblasty prohrammnoi ynzheneryy”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(100), pp. 118-128.