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  5. Human-operator’s behavioral models in aviation sociotechnical system

Human-operator’s behavioral models in aviation sociotechnical system

T.F. Shmelova
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Description: Air navigation system is presented as a complex sociotechnical system. Developed logical-deterministic and stochastic models for decision-making human operator navigation system, in special cases in flight. Obtained scenarios of flight situation in bipolar reflexive operator selection of a positive or negative pole. Based on neural network models for assessing the effectiveness of alternative completion of the flight, a system of information support the operator in emergency situations.

Keywords: aviation sociotechnical system, human operator, individual psychological factors, socio-psychological factors, the reflexive model, bipolar choice, stochastic network, flight emergencies

 Shmelova, T.F. (2012), “Modeliuvannia povedinkovoi diialnosti liudyny-operatora v aviatsiinii sotsiotekhnichnii systemi”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(100), pp. 145-154.