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  5. Cell-type connection of the third generation

Cell-type connection of the third generation

I.M. Lyah, Yu.Yu. Bilak, N.F. Shilova
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Description: Examines the contemporary universal mobile telecommunications network of the third generation and evaluation scale radio UMTS (WCDMA) with the following parameters: area, capacity and quality of service.

Keywords: cell-type networks, universal mobile telecommunication network, system of 3G, system of 3G UMTS, technology of 3GPP, universal surface radioaccess of UTRA, standard of connection of UMTS, radio network of WCDMA, traffic

 Liakh, I.M., Bilak, Yu.Yu. and Shylova, N.F. (2012), “Komirkovyi zviazok tretoho pokolinnia”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(100), pp. 205-207.