Of computer software

O.V. Dorokhov, E.V. Skakalina
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The urgency and necessity of the rule of law to use computer-software as intellectual property is justified. The concepts of a licenses, open and free-software are analyzed. The types of licenses for software products that exist in the world and the standards of open source software are showed. The advantages and disadvantages of using free and open source software are described. The steps to confirm the legality of free software from the Internet and similar sources are recommended.
Keywords: intellectual property, licensing, open, free software
Dorokhov, O.V. and Skakalina, O.V. (2012), "Litsenziini aspekty vykorystannia kompiuternoho prohramnoho zabezpechennia" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 3(101), pp. 96-100.