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On a general registration database (of citizens

V.K. Тolstykh
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The concept of creation, use and support of personal files of citizens in a general register database (GRBD), located on the Internet, is described here for sharing personal files through various organizations, primarily in education from schools to universities. There is discussed the possibility and expediency of integration GRBD with departmental, corporate databases in organizations that store personal files of contingent. In the paper provided three levels of integration: low - full copying and synchronizing data with GRBD; medium - copying the major data, and on-line using other data GRBD; high - copying person ID of GRBD and on-line using necessary data GRBD. There briefly described the structure GRBD, a set of key user groups with their roles and business processes. There described advantages of GRBD.
Keywords: registration, personal files, database, e-government
Tolstыkh, V.K. (2012), "Ob edynoi rehystratsyonnoi baze dannыkh hrazhdan" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 3(101), pp. 120-123.