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  5. Or the development of marketing strategies for business

Or the development of marketing strategies for business

E.I. Reshetnyak, A.V. Stepaniuc
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The basic matrix methods for developing a marketing strategy in the enterprise are systematized in the article. The classification matrix methods depending on the level of strategic management at the company are requested. The advantages and disadvantages of strategic matrices are identified overall approach and methodology of phased implementation of the matrix tool in the process of strategic marketing planning in the enterprise are proposed.
Keywords: strategic planning, matrix methods, marketing, strategic decisions, the levels of strategic planning
Reshetniak, E.Y. and Stepaniuk, A.V. (2012), "Matrychnыe metodы razrabotky marketynhovoi stratehyy predpryiatyia" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 3(101), pp. 230-233.