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Modeling production and business activities enterprise

O.M. Vas’kiv
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Description: Given certain manufacturing facilities that characterize the maximum possible daily, monthly, or annual production, previously specified the assortment and the quality of production provided full use of modern technology and production organization, receives a certain amount of products. Manufactured products company sells in the market for a certain price and receives a certain profit. To increase output, the company is using a portion of profits for expanding production. Having solved the equation describing the dynamics of the change of production a certain type company of light industry, received the volume of production during the settlement period and the results of production of the company.

Keywords: mathematical modelling, resource allocation, the law of distribution of continuous values, the expansion of production

 Vaskiv, O.M. (2012), “Modeliuvannia vyrobnycho-hospodarskoi diialnosti pidpryiemstva”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 4(102), pp. 12-15.