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  4. 4(102)'2012
  5. Implementation of information support for patients

Implementation of information support for patients

A.I. Pugachev, Yu.I. Skorin, A.V. Scherbakov
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Description: The analysis of the Centre and reviewed the development of information support for patients and physicians. We consider the information and analytical systems that have specific requirements for hardware and software, painted steps and the main stages of automation. Proposed introduction of a few basic functionalities core systems that provide storage, connecting customers, user access, remote access to information system planning and tracking long-term events.

Keywords: information-analytics system, mean of diagnosticating, modules of the system, medical statistics, protocols of operations, a workplace, electronic medical card, is automated

 Puhachov, A.I., Skorin, Yu.I. and Shcherbakov, O.V. (2012), “Vprovadzhennia informatsiinoho suprovodu patsiientiv”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 4(102), pp. 59-61.