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  4. 4(102)'2012
  5. For determination of fundamental quantity information constant (entropy)

For determination of fundamental quantity information constant (entropy)

L.B. Petryshyn, M.L. Petryshyn
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Description: An information is a basic factor that determines the contents and the form of all universe. The minimum volume quantum of Planck space is defined, which is able to change its information state during a minimum interval of Planck time quantum. The minimum possible information quantity is defined by the minimum possible value of energy state quantum, which referred as Planck constant ħ. Dependences of a quantitative estimation of the maximum possible value of entropy (information quantity) of elementary unitary and elementary volume information source per unit time determined by the fundamental Planks value.

Keywords: entropy, information, quantum, Planck constants

 Petryshyn, L.B. and Petryshyn, M.L. (2012), “Do vyznachennia fundamentalnoi konstanty kilkosti informatsii (entropii)”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 4(102), pp. 97-99.