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  4. 4(102)'2012
  5. Biometric methods in information security systems

Biometric methods in information security systems

V.B. Cherednyhenko, K.E. Cherednychenko
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Description: One of the areas of protection of information systems is to equip rooms with computer equipment and procedures for opening the software and database access devices. The article deals with the properties of static biometric identification methods and the values of parameters FAR and FRR for different types of access systems. Recommendations on areas of application of these techniques in information security systems.

Keywords: biometrics, fingerprinting, thermograms, retina, iris, identification, FAR, FRR

 Cherednychenko, V.B. and Cherednychenko, K.E. (2012), “Biometrychni metody u systemakh zakhystu informatsii”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 4(102), pp. 145-148.